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    About us

    The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) is the national professional organisation for more than 5,200 pharmacists, pharmacist interns, students, technicians and associates working across Australia’s health system. SHPA is the only professional pharmacy organisation with a strong base of members practising in public and private hospitals and other health services.

    About us

    SHPA supports pharmacists to meet medication and related service needs, so that both optimal health outcomes and economic objectives are achieved for individual Australians, for the community as a whole and for healthcare facilities.

    For nearly 80 years, SHPA has represented and advocated for pharmacists working in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Hospital pharmacists operate at the highest levels of pharmacy and healthcare, and represent the greatest expertise in the design and development of professional pharmacy services to support positive patient outcomes.

    SHPA members lead the Pharmacy Departments in all of Australia’s principal referral hospitals, as well as the vast majority of both Public Acute A and Public Acute B hospitals. 75% of all hospitals (public and private) have their pharmacy departments led by SHPA members. SHPA members are also employed in a range of innovative outreach and liaison services in community healthcare settings.


    SHPA was established in 1941 following the pioneering efforts of 25 public hospital pharmacists from Victoria. From 1947 to 1964 other across Australia branches were established (South Australia and the Northern Territory share a branch). The inaugural meeting of the national council and first national conference were held in Adelaide in 1961.  SHPA is governed by a Board of Directors which is supported by Branches and Committees of Specialty Practice. All councilors and branch committee members are volunteers and are elected by the membership.

    Member Statement

    We exist to promote and protect the well-being of all members. To achieve this objective, we will actively increase understanding by governments and the wider community of the range, complexity and value of the work of our members. We will keep our members informed of the advocacy and representation undertaken on their behalf.

    We will monitor the dynamics of the marketplace and we will design and implement skills development programs, training and peer support to protect and enhance the careers of our members. Where appropriate, we will form partnerships with other organisations and we will create opportunities for our members to design and implement our programs and projects.

    To guarantee the ongoing value of SHPA to members, we will develop effective, transparent business processes that support better management of the Society and enhance the quality of our work.  We will create value propositions to support a continual growth in membership.

    Annual reports

    Please click here to view other past Annual Reports.

    SHPA Representation

    SHPA is represented on a range of clinical and workforce committees relevant to our work. For more information about these contact the Secretariat.

    Rural Support Programs
    SHPA has a representative on the Advisory Committee for the Rural Support Programs, which are part of the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement.

    Allied Health Professions Australia Rural and Remote
    Allied Health Professions Australia Rural & Remote provides Allied Health Professions Australia with rural and remote allied health representation and voice at a national level.

    Rural Pharmacists Australia – Rural Interest Group
    SHPA is a member of Rural Pharmacists Australia, and as such represents pharmacy on the National Rural Health Alliance.


    Governance underpins SHPA’s capacity to achieve success on behalf of our members.  SHPA’s commitment to quality governance is the foundation for supporting an evolving, relevant future for hospital pharmacy.  It is core to contingency planning and developing organisational capacity to manage the political and market factors that increase or limit opportunities for members.

    Our governance efforts provide support for members and directors to plan for a productive, successful future and for addressing issues and problems that arise from time to time. 

    To establish a robust foundation for good governance, SHPA has developed the resources available below, and reports regularly on progress.

    A contemporary constitution

    In September 2017, SHPA members voted overwhelmingly to introduce a new organisational Constitution.

    View the information centre related to the ballot to explore how the development of the 2017 SHPA Constitution was driven and informed by consultation with and feedback from members.



    Nick Sharp-Paul, Head of Strategy and Communication: 0411 098 838 (media enquiries) or [email protected], or email [email protected].

    National Secretariat

    PO Box 1774, Collingwood, Victoria 3066 Australia

    Suite 3, 65 Oxford Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066 Australia

    E[email protected]
    T: 03 9486 0177 (International 61 3 9486 0177)
    F: 03 9486 0311 (International 61 3 9486 0311)

    Australian Company Number (ACN): 004 553 806
    Australian Business Number (ABN): 54 004 553 806

    Canberra Office

    c/- Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

    Unit 8, 2 Phipps Close Deakin ACT 2600 Australia

    E[email protected]